Like many industries, globalization has changed the playing field forever and has forced transportation companies to increase their overall business efficiency and reduce costs in order to stay competitive.
But trucks and trains can only increase their speed to a certain point – while pressure to improve fleet maintenance, automate routing, simplify scheduling, increase the quality of reporting and tracking systems, and to maximum vehicle utilization are all becoming even more imperative to the future viability of the transportation industry.
In addition to these factors, transportation companies also have to deal with the paperwork associated with employee medical files, I-9’s, affirmative action documents, payroll records, and more.
Along with employee records, transportation departments also have to be at the ready to supply record of shipping/warehouse receipts, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Driver’s Logs, copies of Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL), reports, emails, and more.
With such an administrative burden on your company it only makes sense to move to a fully digitized document management software system that allows you access all documents in a few keystrokes, while providing a secure and stable environment and the ability to automate workflows.
Our solution also allows you to bring all of your bases together to work as one. Instead of having to email or fax important documents, make alterations as required and then re-email or fax. Document management solution also allows you to create automated workflows that pass your documents from one staff member to the next in a logical sequence.
This allows for an organization wide consistency of processes and procedures that will greatly decrease administration costs and training costs.

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