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Contentverse is our Content and Document Management Solution (CMS/DMS) for all size organizations. It’s the user friendly solution that is simple to install, use, support, and maintain. Plus, it’s designed to operate in multiple network environments, and to integrate with your existing IT environment. Whatever your document management needs are, from simply archiving files for regulatory purposes to, improving the accuracy of policies and procedures to routing paperwork through a workflow, Contentverse’s versatility and customization can help your organization





Contentverse Benefits

Content and document management is more than creating an online repository of your organization’s policies and procedures and client paperwork. The right document management solution will:

Save Time Every Single Day

On average, almost 90% of typical office tasks revolve around document gathering and transfer, and the right document management solution can assist employees with these tasks and increase their overall productivity by up to 50%. This takes productivity to another level entirely.


Here’s how:


Contentverse boasts a familiar Windows-like interface and allows users to import documents in many ways they’re already used to, including drag-and-drop.Also important - users will quickly learn the software without the need for extensive training, as it looks and functions like familiar Microsoft Office products they use every day. Furthermore, Contentverse’s workflow allows users to set up tasks and notifications, enabling the automation of projects that used to require considerable staff time.



Reduce Costs Across the Board

Research has proven that document management can reduce overall document-related costs by 40% and averages a return on investment of a remarkable  612% in the first year alone.

 Sources: Gartner and Nucleus Research, respectively


Maximize Productivity at Every Level

From intelligent searches that speed up document retrieval to the elimination of misfiling, lost paperwork, and clerical entry errors, Contentverse will immediately make your organization more efficient. Even greater productivity is achieved with our automated document workflow and regulatory features



Find what you need when you need it and automatically add content by the truckload

Whether adding one document, bulk-importing, reading and processing bubble forms and barcodes, or auto-populating index fields, we have the solution for you. On top of that, once your content is in the system, Contentverse makes finding it a snap with instant, relevant search results

Keep your information safe and secure without thinking twice.

Contentverse safely and securely stores all files, processes, and workflows in a proprietary, uncrackable format. Only approved personnel will be able to see content in the system. As an added bonus, Contentverse fully supports disaster recovery initiatives.




Stay on top of compliance and regulatory requirements.

Complying with regulations and laws, mitigating multiple types of risks, and ensuring the security of corporate and personal information are expensive elements of business that some organizations cannot ignore. Contentverse improves all aspects of these requirements. For instance, documents can be automatically archived or purged when compliancy is met, such as with a seven-year storage requirement.

Automate business processes and streamline workflows.

Contentverse is the best choice for automating business processes, setting up tasks and notifications, and easily collaborating between departments. Documents automatically move through the appropriate workflow, which eliminates copying, emailing, faxing, and other tedious activities. Automated workflow empowers your organization to always know the status of any project.


Work Together Effortlessly

 When dealing with simple emailing and a paper-based office environment, it is extremely difficult for staff to monitor and track crucial business operations. Contentverse takes away the guess-work by making this as simple as possible, freeing up time to actually get work done.

An administrator can assign permissions based on department or user, including vendors, which allows for a corporate-wide deployment while ensuring that content is only used by those intended.

Users can rework, update, modify, and save any file while maintaining previous versions. Users with appropriate permissions can restore any previous version of a document. Meanwhile, document tracking allows you to see who opened, deleted, printed, or mailed a document.


Whether at their desktop or on a mobile device, users can access the files they need instantly. Additional functionality allows the user to take their document offline and make any changes. Once online again, they can save their new version to the system. This instant access gives a workforce the information agility to react to a dynamic marketplace.

This, along with many other tracking features, provides accountability and security for any environment.


Users can also mark-up, highlight, or comment on content without modifying the original file. This feature allows users to view mark-ups and eliminates the need for staff to keep copies of policies and procedures at their desk.



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