Property management is one of the most paper-bound industries imaginable. From tenant screening docs to lease agreements to photocopies of keys given all the way to tax assessments, operational expenses, and inspection records, it is easy for your company to become inundated with paperwork.
As margin percentages get lower and more and more services are being demanded by property owners for less cost, it has never been more important to cut down on unnecessary administration costs in your business.
Property managers are leveraging Contentverse to improve efficiency via automating workflows and systems and to make informed decisions regarding property management, and now is the time for your company to join in on the time and cost savings.
Having an affordable solution that provides storage, retrieval, security, and archiving of all documents associated with a property management company’s operations gives you a competitive advantage with the ability to effectively deal with:
- Tenant Screening Docs
- Lease Agreements
- Security Deposit Info
- Inspection Records
- Property Tax Assessments
- Common Area Maintenance Info
- Operating Expenses
- Diagrams, drawings
In a recent webinar on Disaster Recovery, BOMA stressed security and emergency preparedness as a key imperative for property managers.
Contentverse answers these needs and more and provides you with document security and disaster recovery to keep you up and running regardless of what may happen.

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