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The manufacturing sector is probably the most “advancement sensitive” part of the commercial environment, as global competition is constantly exerting pressures for maximizing efficiency while reducing costs. There are ever-increasing needs to reduce product life cycles, improve process quality, optimize supply chains, assure ISO 9001 standards, and comply with a host of government and industry regulations, just to keep up with the market.
However, in many companies, there are aspects of the business which have not seen much updating for many, many decades. How much of your daily work processes are still relying on paper documentation? If you’re like most, the bulk of your contracts, product details, change requests, engineering specs, safety data sheets, let alone invoices, purchase orders, and assorted shipping documents, are still creating thick files of paper.
Obviously, there’s likely to be, at least in the foreseeable future, some paper involved in the workflow, but how much more efficient would your workplace be if the majority of that very necessary “paper trail” was maintained electronically?

The power of information

Document management solution offers not only solid, reliable, core programming for organizing, accessing, and communicating key documents, but an ultra-flexible API that allows for smooth interaction with existing systems in both the office and on the factory floor.
Our solution features an MS Office-like interface, so it’s easy to learn, and it handles over 400 types of documents, which it also displays without having to have the source program installed. And, because it offers a web-based interface, it isn’t limited to “home office” use, but your documents can be accessed on laptops, tablets, and even smart phones.
This enables all your documents, shipping or warehouse receipts, CAD drawings, letters, standard forms, reports, emails, etc. to be archived in one central, secure database and yet also be available for quick and easy access with a few keystrokes. You’ll eliminate time wasted while tracking down files, and your customer or vendor inquiries will be answered within seconds instead of days or weeks.

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