From the first napkin-back sketches of a concept through the paperwork related to the finished building, there are nearly endless documents involved in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction fields, with a level of complexity in how these are inter-related far beyond almost any other area of business.


Our document management solution has the flexibility and scope to be able to organize, manage, access, track, share, and streamline all the paperwork involved in even your biggest projects – in a secure and easy-to-use digital environment.


Each step of the process is captured and filed, and made searchable and ready for collaboration. With over 400 file formats supported, everything from graphic images of initial designs to wiring diagrams, project flow charts, CAD drawing and blueprints, spec sheets of hardware and lighting, and all related correspondence, etc., can be integrated into the system … and viewable within the program, without having to have the various source programs installed (making it very easy to utilize remotely via laptop, tablet or smartphone).


Every team at every location is able to access the most up-to-date information, while older versions are archived and available if needed. All changes are tracked, and approvals at each step clearly integrated with related documents. Collaboration options are maximized, with individual documents assignable to work groups or even individuals, so the needed information always ends up in the right hands.


So easy to implement and use

Our solution is built with a familiar MSOffice-like interface, so is easy to learn, but it has a robust API that is extraordinarily customizable to interface with your specific workflow and existing systems.
Additionally, all your compliance issues can be linked with the particular project management documents, so you’re not going to have forgotten forms and reports, and different project aspects (elevators, plumbing, wind studies, etc.), can be easily exported into individual reports for the appropriate regulators.
Cost savings are immediate and can be substantial, as document management solution eliminates the need for massive amounts of project documentation in paper form, along with the risks of having superseded information being acted on, or the loss of key materials through physical transport or accidents.
So whether you’re in the Architecture, Engineering, or Construction phases of this field, document management solution will improve your workflow, give you a whole new level of document access and security, and improve your bottom line.

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