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Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable processes are an indispensable part of any business, but they’re also one of the most paper-dependent areas in most offices. Improvements in the efficiency and accuracy of these functions have direct effects on the organization’s cash flow, which generally produce a boost to the bottom line.
Moving from the “business as usual” model of internal paper processing to an automated document management system, will speed up, improve workflow, and boost the precision of your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable operations.


Vastly improved functioning

Transitioning to electronic document management solution enables a wide array of improvements in your handling of nearly every aspect of the billing cycle:
• Shorter invoice processing times as a result of automated processes and workflows.
• Improved internal process resulting in massive time savings and cost reductions.
• Reduced costs of storage, while at the same time removing the clutter of paper storage.
• Improved customer service due to increased efficiency of access and distribution for your staff and clients.
• Improved security with the ability to restrict staff access to certain documents.
• Automation workflows and checks provide improved compliance (both internal compliance and external compliance) such as government rules and regulations.
• Quicker approvals via automated online workflows.
• Instant transfer of documents to the relevant staff results in faster collections processes.
Our solution is easy to learn, being based on a familiar MSOffice-like interface, and it features an extremely flexible API that allows it to connect with your existing systems. It also has 128-bit security, so keeps key financial data safe, and is able to distribute information as needed, down to page-level specifications.
Your processes and procedures structure can also be programmed in, so that the right reports get to the right departments and staff members at the right times, with nothing falling through the cracks, and full tracking of what was sent where, updated when, and approved, closed, age analyzed, etc.
Our solution offers an upgrading and streamlining of any company’s billing procedures. While it can’t necessarily get your customers to pay faster, it will improve all your in-house functions processing those accounts.

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