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Governmental entities are almost the perfect candidates for implementing electronic document management solutions, given that so much of the business of government is the production, organization, maintenance, access, and distribution of paperwork. From the smallest local department to the most massive Federal organization, the movement of information is an essential element in their operations.
While governmental document handling systems have certainly improved over time, to a great extent they are still slowed by procedures locked in the technologies of earlier eras after all, even the most recent census relied on forms being filled out by hand in pencil. In a world where an ever-increasing percentage of the citizenry is using smart phone technology, encountering “antique” systems when interfacing with government services is understandably frustrating.

Faster, smarter, easier

By installing the document management solution, you are able to serve the public more effectively by creating automated workflows that allow you to process daily business quicker and more efficiently, and maintain all your documents in a central database. Our solution provides 128-bit data encryption security, assuring information safety on the server side, and it also offers page-level distribution options where documents that are “your eyes only” never show up in front of inappropriate people but with the flexibility that allows for any combination of lists for things that need to be more widely distributed.
And, of course, having your essential document files stored electronically (and, optionally, in multiple locations), prevents loss, or even significant down time, in situations of fire, flood, hurricane, or other natural (or human-caused) disasters.
Our solution is also very easy to learn, as it features an MSOffice-like interface, so training is simple. It also has an extremely flexible API which enables a wide array of existing systems to work with it, meaning that much of the technology currently in place in your operations can seamlessly connect to it.
Your documents will be easy to find, easy to track, easy to tell what version is current, and easy to provide to the entities that need it, be that other government offices, or the public you deal with. This will make your operations more efficient (and budget-friendly) and your constituents will appreciate the ease and convenience of having their information needs easily met.

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