Challenges to Education

It’s almost a cliché, but schools at all levels, from kindergartens through grad programs, are always under pressures to keep things going. With few exceptions, most educational institutions struggle with extremely tight budgets, requiring constant monitoring of what can be done to get the best educational product delivered to their students.
Among the challenges that all schools face is the enormous volume of content that they handle on a daily basis: enrollment papers, applications, parent and student correspondences, student health records, accounting, personnel files, special education records, rosters, transcripts, testing results, and much more.
Not only do schools have a massive amounts of paperwork to deal with, but much of it has regulatory implications, from privacy issues, to reporting for adherence to assorted government programs. The documents need to be filed appropriately, accessible when needed, but only available to approved staff. With paper files, this can be a time consuming nightmare, especially in larger institutions and school districts.


Document Management solution

This is why many educational institutions have chosen document management solution to streamline the processes of information workflow, create an extremely lean footprint for file storage, and achieve state-of-the art search, access, tracking, and sharing functions.
Moving to electronic system removes the inefficiencies and expense of traditional paper document handling, freeing up staff and dollars for the educational mission of the schools. The program allows schools to respond to and serve the demands and needs of a diverse constituency of students, parents, teachers, state & federal regulators, and taxpayers in a more effective and time-efficient manner.
While school districts around the country are using document management solution to manage their educational-related document flow, major universities have found that moving to electronic document management has vastly improved information handling in a wide array of departments, from admission to facilities, student services, finance & scholarships, legal, and even research programs.
With an easy to learn and use MSOffice-like interface, and an extremely flexible API, our solution installs quickly and can be integrated with virtually any 3rd party programs already in place in various departments. It supports well over 400 file types, and displays them in the system without having to have their source programs installed. It additionally allows for remote access via laptops, tablets, and even smartphones, so can be used across districts and multiple campuses, freeing up key staff from the main office.

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